Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Poison of Subjectivism

To be honest, I was a little confused about this article. I wrote my reflections below, but I am not sure these are correct.
It is good to have your own thought, people think about the world subjectively. However, if those subjective thoughts become some theological truths, they will turn into poison to kill other’s new thoughts toward certain things. Sometimes, when new thoughts conflicted with old ones, they bring miseries to thinkers.
Lewis talked about that, in today’s world, the devil has driven human into a self-centered situation. We always considered our selves first, which is contradicted to the Bible. The Bible says “love our neighbor as ourselves”, but in fact, in the modern world, almost everyone considers his/her benefit first. We like to say that we are watching this world objectively; however, if we ask ourselves, do we really think the world with a general opinion? The answer is “No”. For example, a beggar on the street may think that the world is cold and hopeless, it is so hard to get a penny and keep living in such a poor life; on the other side, a rich man may think the world is full of opportunities to invest and make more money. A mother who has lost their son in Iraq war is praying for peace to come, while President Bush is having a meeting to arrange another attack to Middle East.
People took every event in their life personally. That is what Lewis called as “poison”. We set up our own moral standards since it is so hard to find a universal moral standard which can be used globally regardless of cultural. But it seems like the standard law dose not really exist. So there will be no standard to be “wrong” or “right”. I think this essay is alike the “mere Christianity”. Since the Law of Human Nature is set “subjectively”, there will be no standard to judge right or wrong universally, UNLESS, THERE IS A GOD.

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