Sunday, January 11, 2009

Longning and Hope, Good or Bad? (Longning and Hope)

When I was reading this section, I was really excited about the topic. Why do people always have longing and hope?
Many people were longing for the coming of their soul when they were young. Sometimes, the things they are longing for don’t even make any sense to anybody else. For instance, I really enjoy watching love sad story. Even though, at the end of it, I might cry, I felt a kind of happiness from my heart. I can’t explain that, it was just an instant feeling which makes me satisfied with the movie.
But no matter how old are you, you are always longing for something. At different ages, people long for different things. When you are a kid, you might want to have a toy. When you are at high school, you might long for a nice car to compare with your classmates. When you go to work, you are long for money to satisfy not only need but personal wants? However, have we ever satisfied? Because there are some desires can never come true, no one ever quiet satisfied with what they have. When I got something, I would always look forward to seek other things beyond this. I guess that’s why corruption began to increase in our days. From Genesis, when Eva allured Adam to eat the apple, the sin of human being has been planted in our soul.
Nonetheless, if we look at the “longing and hope” from anther angle, you may find that it is a gift from God. If we don’t have any desire, do we still have any hope to go to heaven? We probably have satisfied with Satan’s world already. If we don’t have hope, we won’t work hard in order to get a better life. If we are only hope for ourselves, we are not going to help other people and make the whole world better.
So “longing and hope” is a bad thing as well as a good thing.

PS: It not just enough to have good hope. Hope without work is dead. Once we know our hope, we have to work hard for it.

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