Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Danger of Small Choices (Letter XII)

In Screwtape’s letter addressed to his nephew Wormwood, he discussed the potential dangers of lukewarm behavior or the dangers of small choices.
Devil loves to make us became careless of small choices. The more faulty small choices we made, the more chance we may be drag into hell. Most people in our world dose not care about little choices; because they are little, what’s the matter? Even we chose to do something wrong, as long as we don’t make decisive mistakes, we are OK! Is that true? Although I don’t have much experience on this case, I do believe that small mistakes will lead us to bigger ones gradually.
In real life, I cared about the small choices. However, because I cared them so much, it was very hard for me to make a final decision. Usually, at the end, I would pick up whatever choice sparked in my mind at the instant moment. I wouldn’t notice if the choice was right or wrong immediately, I simply made it. I guess that’s what Lewis described as “lukewarm behavior”. Devil dragged us so slowly toward the door of hell that we even didn’t notice our mistakes until we are standing in front of hell. I like the bible story told in the “further reflections”. Later in the story, when Angels told Lot and his family, “do not look back”. Lot’s wife, as many other housewives, who thought there were still a lot of things they would take with, didn’t listen to angels, instead, she turned her head, and stayed beside her desperate village forever. Do I need to look back or not? Lot’s wife only need to make this decision in a few seconds; in such a short time, her destiny was doomed. I think Devil is using our weakness of hesitation to lure us in his cradle. As the chart “For Every Choice One Makes”, those people who are uncertain about their choice will go to hell eventually. Only those who make their mind by themselves and follow God’s lead go to heaven.
I like the sentence above the chart, “ Everyday we are becoming or helping other become Hellish or Heavenly creatures.” Screwtape is helping Wormwood walk toward God. He helped his nephew to walk in the righteousness and be aware of devil when making even very small choices.
As a college freshman, I was reluctant when I was choosing my major. Like every other classmates, I don’t really care what department I am right now, since I still have one year to go. I always told myself let’s try one major, if I don’t like it, I’ll just change it. After reading this letter and the further reflections, I just realized that, sometimes, I can never turn back after I make my decision. If I decide to major in a subject, and changed to another later, those major-related courses I’ve taken may become totally useless. At the same time, I was wasting my money and time to learn something I’ll never use later.
So, from now on, I am going to be more careful on making choice. Sometimes, even the small one may change my whole life.

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